Study tools

Design Thinking

When you're learning Chinese, you have to learn how to write characters, as well as the pronunciation. And their meaning, of course. 

But like with any handwriting, the only way to really get it 'in your fingers' is to write. And write, and write. 

For Mandarin9, an education platform aiming to make learning Chinese easier and more fun, I developed a book sleeve that would double as a flash card tool. Easily folded over your vocabulary list, you could pick whether you wanted to study characters, pinyin, or meaning. 

And, for those nasty little words you just keep on forgetting, the tool had a built in way to make your own list of words to repeat. By simply writing them down on the folded open flap as you go, your list of difficult words would (almost) automatically establish itself on the inside of the sleeve. 

Easy, right?

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