staiy fashion platform

making sustainable apparel more accessible and transparent 

the mission

The Staiy team had one clear goal in mind: To accelerate the transition to a sustainable fashion industry. 

How? By creating a drop-shipping model fashion platform, featuring only sustainable brands.

Armed with an algorithm to recommend clothes that match your style, the team was determined to make sustainable clothing more accessible.

the outcome

The first step: Transparency on what it means to be sustainable in the first place.


We came up with a contribution system that took all stakeholders into consideration.


It provided clarity for users, a platform for brands to highlight their efforts, and a USP for the Staiy platform.

the impact

Unfortunately, the team decided to take the contribution system in another direction.


The current system uses a 60 question-survey for brands, and makes no distinction in contributions between a brand's different products. 

Users are unable to determine the reason behind a brand's sustainability score.


Agency: Story of AMS

• Discovery
• Stakeholder mapping

• Design Thinking
• Product Design (UX/UI)

Transparency first

With sustainability in fashion still being in its early days, there are many different ways to contribute towards sustainability. A challenge provided itself in communicating these simply, while allowing brands to bring their message across. 

Categorise, then explain

We decided to divide all the different sustainability efforts into five categories: Water, Air, Materials, Work conditions, and Commitment. 

On the B2B platform, brands were able to easily list the categories they were operating in as a brand, and then specify how. Short and sweet. 

the product level

Some of these efforts would translate to (almost) all of a brand's products. A dying technique that saves water, for example. 

Others, like material composition, would be unique to certain products. We made it easy for brands to apply contributions to their entire product line, as well as to change details on the product level.

values & honesty

This made it easy for users to learn more about different ways to make a contribution, and decide for themselves which values are most important to them.


On top of that, providing a clear reason for sustainability also helps prevent so-called green washing. 

giving back

The contributions would count as rewards on the Staiy platform. You can trade them for a discount, sure, but why not give something back? 

Using gamification elements, we'd help users choose to donate their points rather than taking a discount to consume more.


This feature would underline the Staiy mission: It would help users transition from a passive involvement based on a brand's actions, to an active involvement in the transition towards a sustainable industry. 

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