hoi foundation

presenting: the upside of dyslexia

the mission

Hoi Foundation wants to help parents understand and support their dyslexic children better.

the outcome

A parent tool: An app that takes away hours of research online, but instead brings personalised information to you.

The app maps out the child’s difficulties, but (literally) turns it around to highlight their talents, too.

the impact

We started with a Design Sprint to determine the most important features to showcase.

This prototype will be used to raise the investment needed to build the actual app.


Agency: Story of AMS

• Discovery
• Design Sprint 2.0
• Information Architecture
• Brand Identity

• Prototyping
• Product Design (UX/UI)

the sprint

We ran a Design Sprint 2.0 to help us determine the most important features to work out for the prototype, as well as the scope and investment needed for the full project.

a pocket buddy

A walk through will express the proposition of the app. We’re presenting you with the key to unlock your child's talents. And, we’re placing all the information you need right into your pocket.

a person first approach 

A determining factor in the success of this app will be its ability to create a personalised filter.

We worked out an on boarding process that educates parents on how to use the map, while enabling them to uncover more parts of the map whenever it suits them.

turn it around

During the on boarding the parents look at the challenges. Once they finish, the map turns around to show the other side of dyslexia: Their child’s talents.

tips & tricks

Looking for more details on your child’s difficulty with reading? No problem. The detail page will offer you background information as well as tips and tricks to support your child.

Tips & Tricks.png

what about the child?

To ensure accuracy, the children will be given the chance to respond. Using emoji’s, they can express their feelings towards certain situations.

updates & data

Some updates will be automated based on the child’s aging and academic progress.Others will help users to mark change and progress in situations they’ve listed as difficult.

This will enable HOI foundation to collect data on the effects of the tips provided.

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