Bar design

Design Thinking

Sustainability is a hot topic in China, and especially so in the Beijing of 2017. Fellow Yenching scholar Jeff Niu and myself decided to target the issue amongst young consumers in an accessible manner and in the 'heat' of the moment. 

With a proposition to "lead the way" towards a better, or 'Yùtopian' world, all visual communication contributed to this message: The compass logo, a map for a menu, and drinks matching the gentle nudge towards more sustainable behaviour - with an accompanying card showing not only the benefit of before-mentioned behavioural change, but also listing the ways in which our products were contributing to a better world. 

So how did we 'lead the way' exactly? The map would ask questions about your current behaviour and (based on your answers) guide you towards a drink with a behavioural change to match. Let's say you'd end up at the Beijing Suannai (Beijing Yoghurt) or the 'Recycle' cocktail, your drink would be served in a Beijing Suannai ceramic. Those living in Beijing will know that these are all kept after consumption in order to be picked up and used again. 

For a full understanding of the concept (or if you just want to see me in action behind the bar), please refer to the video below. 

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